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Reasons to stay

Fredericia Internationals & Friends

Living in Denmark is better, when you have a great network. The international network in Fredericia is active and growing. We meet for get-togethers and other various social and professional events such as picnics, dinners, Book & Film Club, sports activities, lectures and seminars.

In our Facebook group Fredericia Internationals & Friends, we share questions, information and events of interest to internationals who live in or near Fredericia. And you are very welcome to join us!

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Moving to Fredericia?

Are you considering a move to Fredericia or just Denmark? We have found some useful links with tips and tricks for you, so you don't have to. Check them out and see what experiences, adventures and great times await you in our wonderful country.

If you want a more personal perspective, you can check out our Living in Fredericia testimonials, from internationals who moved to Fredericia.

Fredericia Library and Visitor Center

Fredericia Library functions as the city’s welcoming center; here you will find information on what is happening in and around Fredericia, like events, tours, trips and concerts.

The library is open to everyone and has a great selection of fiction, non-fiction and scientific literature, in both Danish, English and other languages. We also have the opportunity to loan material, that we do not have ourselves, from other libraries. We offer a number of digital services, like e-books, audio books and movies for streaming. Furthermore we have free Wi-Fi and a number of pc’s, free to use at the library.

All you need in order to start using the library is to sign up with a picture ID, and then you can start taking home books and using all of our great services.

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Living in Fredericia

Want to know what it is like, to move to Fredericia, or how it is to live in Denmark?

Fredericia is becoming a more international city every day. Here you can read the stories of some of the internationals that have already moved to Fredericia.

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